Continuous Performance Monitoring.

Establish mechanisms for ongoing performance monitoring of bench candidates and vendors, allowing for timely intervention and adjustment if any discrepancies or issues arise, thus maintaining the quality and reliability of the services provided. We are committed to ensuring the ongoing success and reliability of our bench candidates and verified vendors through our Continuous Performance Monitoring program.

We conduct regular performance reviews for our bench candidates to assess their skills, capabilities, and contributions to ensure they continue to meet the high standards set by our clients.

We maintain an open feedback loop with our clients to gather insights and feedback on the performance of our bench candidates, allowing us to make timely adjustments and improvements as needed.

We continuously evaluate the performance of our verified vendors based on their responsiveness, quality of candidates, and client satisfaction to ensure they uphold the highest standards of service and professionalism.

Our Quality Assurance team conducts regular audits and checks to monitor the performance and reliability of our bench candidates and verified vendors, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.
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Working Process

Our Vetting Process


Resume Screening(ATS)

Efficient ATS resume screening ensures accurate and tailored candidate matching for optimal hiring results.


Basic Evaluation

Basic evaluation ensures bench candidates' qualifications align with job roles before they're presented for hiring


Technical Assessment

Thorough technical evaluation ensures bench candidates meet job requirements before they're available for hiring.


Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive review guarantees bench candidates' expertise and suitability for roles before they're available for hiring


Final Candidate Selection

Final candidate selection ensures only the most qualified bench candidates are available for you

Vetting Process

Our Bench Team

Get to Know our Candidates

Feel free adapt this based on the specific managed services, features, and unique selling points your IT service company provides.

Cassian Coleson

React Developer

Jacob Logan

Web Designer

Charlotte Amelia

Software Developer

Sofia Scarlett

Graphic designer

Maverick Dylan

Digital Marketer

Violet Penelope

SAP Developer
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Our Open Position

UI/UX Designer

5Years Experience

SAP Developer

6Years Experience

React Developer

2Year Experience

UI/UX Developer

5Year Experience

SAP Developer

6Year Experience

React Developer

2Year Experience

SAP Developer

3Year Experience
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